Gain CPD points fast while also learning how to be more productive. Posted on 22 Sep 10:53 , 0 comments

Most people have never been taught how to work.

The impact on financial planning practices is the accumulation of unproductive habits which lead to:

  • 30% fewer conversions due to delays in SOA production;
  • 3 x as many errors and compliance issues;
  • 2+ hours per day wasted due to interruptions and distractions;
  • Lower profit and EBIT due to efficiency issues.

Profusion Group’s coaching brand Pac Executive coaching is here to help. 

Our productivity programs enable you to develop efficient and effective personal and team habits, which means you can achieve better results in less time. This leads to greater staff and client satisfaction, higher profit and lower compliance issues. 

Gain CPD points fast while also learning how to be more productive.

Our productivity program has been accredited by the FPA and is the first of its kind to offer advisers a customised productivity toolkit to drive greater performance outcomes.

After completing the program, Advisers, Practice Managers, Associates and Paraplanners report:

  • An immediate revenue and profit increase (averaging 20% in the first quarter);
  • Better work-life balance leading to greater happiness at home and work (win back an extra day per week);
  • Better compliance outcomes due to reduced errors and greater efficacy (error rates dramatically reduced); and
  • Improved client and talent acquisition and retention (happy staff = happy clients = profit).

Places are limited. 

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