Financial Planning Professionals

We have a proud history of supporting the Financial Planning industry over the last 11 years working with Financial Planning Professionals from CEOs of large dealer groups to front-line client service officers to help them achieve results. 

Our program, Optimal Productivity for Financial Planning Professionals is delivered via:

- One-on-One Coaching (Most popular)

- Four Week Webinar 

Our program has been developed in consultation with Financial Planning Professionals working as salaried professionals in Banks and Large Dealer Groups, Industry Super Funds, Boutiques and supporting industries.

We also provide you with a number of planning and workflow management tools, ensuring you have a consistent structure to assist you in creating sustainable habit changes.

Better habits will help you deliver excellent client outcomes, maintain high quality compliance standards, and achieve strong revenue results.

This activity has been accredited for continuing professional development by the Financial Planning Association of Australia but does not constitute FPA’s endorsement of the activity.   Accreditation number 008456 for 6 hours:

  • Attributes and Performance (3 points/hours)
  • Reflective Practice (3 points/hours) 

Use our customised program to optimise your performance in the areas that matter most to you.

Through our program you will learn to develop efficient and effective habits and keep these in place through the use of technology, managing information and procrastination, and learning to communicate effectively.

 Contact Cholena Orr for more information.