Productivity Profile


You will be provided with a five page report highlighting your productive and unproductive habits with recommendations to help you take your personal performance to the next level.                     

Focusing on your strengths can help you take your performance from good to great.

You will be provided with your top three time wasters which are likely to see you losing approximately two hours per day.

The profile helps you to maximise your time and energy by making considered habit changes.

The true value of this profile is realised when you keep referring back to it over time to make decisions relating to your personal and professional development.  

Refer back to your productivity profile every month and try improve your habits one small incremental step at a time.

Sustainable habit change happens slowly. 

Your profile will be bench-marked against our Workplace Productivity Research with local and global norm groups available.  

Discover your productive and unproductive habits and take your performance to the next level.

For more information contact Cholena Orr