In The Media

Cholena Orr is a regular expert contributor to various publications about productivity and happiness at home and work. 

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Recent publications include:

CEO Magazine

Can low-performing employees change?

What should we do about low-performing employees? Can they change? The simple answer is yes, but only if they are willing.

Good habits equate to greater productivity

Find out how to encourage good habits in leaders in order to create greater productivity in teams.

Workaholics may not equate to workplace productivity

Working long hours and not creating boundaries between our work and personal life isn’t necessarily the right thing for workplace productivity.

These 5 work habits are damaging your career

Stop these 5 damaging work habits and improve your business.

What you need to know about training millennials

Training millennials can be a challenge as they admit to being 30% less likely to be productive on tasks assigned to them. Here’s how to do it.

Device addiction and productivity: how to unplug

Device addiction can impact workplace productivity. Here’s what you need about how and why to unplug from email and online interruptions.

Sleep & productivity

There’s a clear and direct link between sleep and productivity, with a good night’s sleep ensuring more creative, ethical, cooperative, & engaged workers.

Australian’s Woman’s Weekly

5 myths about corporate culture

Productivity expert Cholena Orr is taking aim at outdated notions about corporate culture.

Emails, meetings and spending too much time on social media cause less productivity, new survey claims

Our research on top productivity killers

The Australian

Family Business Cultural Killers

Working within a family business can be difficult for family and non-family alike.  Here are some pitfalls to avoid 

The Sydney Morning Herald

Is it ever OK to swear at work?

Four letter words have a place in the office – if the context is right.


Study reveals the secret to finding happiness in your job

 Cholena Orr speaks to 6PR about pac executive's productivity and happiness research

Business First Magazine.

Why workaholics don’t always make high performers

Working hard and smart moves you forward but there's a line you shouldn't cross

Lawyers Weekly

Lawyers’ habits prohibit efficiency

Lawyers really need our productivity coaching and training.  They work extremely hard and are often miserable

Wealth Professional

One in three finance pros unhappy at work

Financial services professionals work extremely hard these days aren't necessarily happy about it