Keynote Speaking and Workshops

We don’t run the same workshop everyone else does.

For that reason, we work with you to design a workshop that meets the needs of your audience.

Prior to the workshop, we encourage participants to complete our Productivity Profile. The Profile is bench-marked against either a Global Norm Group, the Australian Professional Population, or the Financial Services Industry.

Based on the findings of the profile, and your brief, we will recommend the best possible content to meet the needs of your audience.

To get the most out of the workshop, it’s important that participants action any outcomes. To that end, we provide workbooks, checklists and follow up communications to ensure attendees continue to focus on performance improvement each week.

We also recommend and support peer to peer coaching to ensure accountability for agreed actions.

Maximise the impact of your next conference or professional development day.  

Contact Cholena Orr for more information.