Productivity and Happiness Coaching Coaching: One-on-One Program (Seven Coaching Sessions)


Over a three to six month period we work with you on a one-on-one basis to step you through our six module productivity and happiness coaching program.

The program kicks off with a goal setting session, and draws on our unique productivity profile to ensure we have a clear picture of where you are at.

Content is provided in one-on-one sessions, with video content and workbooks complementing fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions are provided via face-to-face meetings, conference calls and/or phone calls depending on your location and preferences.  We are also available in between meetings for calls and check ins.  

Our coaching and training ensures that you become more efficient through;

  • Appropriate workflow management;
  • Utilising available technology; and
  • Identifying and overcoming time wasters.

And we help you to become more effective by:

  • Focusing on the right activities; and
  • Aligning strategy, planning and action.

Module 1: Developing Efficient Habits

Module one introduces you to the concept of sustainable habit change. Together, we commit to the mindset and behavioural changes required to improve your personal productivity and performance.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Apply the high performance equation for success to your professional development;
  • How to create successful personal and professional systems in order to achieve goals;
  • The Habit Loop. Learn how productive habits are created and time wasting habits are transformed;
  • Apply the five steps to habit change;
  • Keystone habits. How to identify the personal and professional habits that bring the rest of your life into order;
  • Identify the time wasters that have the biggest impact upon personal and team productivity. Develop strategies to overcome them;
  • How to commit to sustainable habit change and continuous improvement; and 
  • Understanding internal locus of control.

Module 2: Managing Information and Procrastination

In module 2 we introduce frameworks to help you better manage the information that comes across your desk each day.

Where possible this module includes coaching at the desk, and time is put aside during and after the session to clear out the clutter from your desk, email and soft files. You will also learn strategies to overcome the time wasting habit of procrastination.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Workflow Management. Design, build and maintain an efficient and effective workflow management system;
  • Organise your work space based on priorities and frequency of use;
  • How to cut multi-handling out of your day;
  • How to triage new tasks and commitments;
  • Understanding procrastination. How do you procrastinate? What do procrastinators do? What are your procrastination triggers? How do you overcome them?; and
  • Introducing your Lizard Brain. The reason you self-sabotage and find it so difficult to change.

Module 3: Technology and Communication

Module 3 focuses on using technology as an enabler. You will learn how to use your inbox, calendar and task management functions to help you become more efficient and effective.

You will also learn how to build productive relationships, write effective emails and communicate in a way that encourages optimal productivity.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Inbox Management. Who is managing whom?;
  • Eliminating email clutter for good. How to maintain a zero inbox;
  • Decision Making. Cut out email hoarding and multi-handling;
  • Mastering Technology. A little knowledge goes a long way;
  • Effective email communication. How clarity can save you time and money;
  • Effective calendar and task management;
  • Your phone and tablet. Efficiency tools vs. time wasters; and
  • Productive Communication Techniques.

Module 4: Effectiveness. How to think, plan and act

Module 4 moves from focusing on saving time through efficiency to being strategic by thinking, planning and taking massive action.

After completing this module, you will have developed a 90 day plan, and have learned how to use a weekly planning tool to help you to be more effective.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand how you are spending your time each week;
  • Gaining clarity of strategy and high impact activities;
  • How to prioritise effectively;
  • Execute a thinking framework for quarterly planning;
  • Learn how to use our weekly planning tool to prioritise the right activities and gain clarity about what participants can achieve each week;
  • How to say “no”;
  • Applying the Pareto principle; and
  • Acting daily. How to ensure daily action aligns with company strategy.

Module 5: Mindfulness and Managing Your Energy

Module 5 teaches you to manage your energy, not just your time.

You will learn techniques to apply greater focus to your tasks and maintain presence of mind. We teach four different meditation techniques, and work together to identify the best ways to manage your energy in a sustainable way.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Mindfulness techniques to gain and maintain focus;
  • Understand how to restore your energy throughout the day;
  • The key to mindful relationships. How to manage difficult people and situations;
  • How to be happy at work. Lead happy teams;
  • Run effective meetings;
  • Managing emotions;
  • Sleep strategies; and
  • How to build mental models.

Module 6: Sustainability

By module 6 you will be saving 1-2 hours per day by being more efficient.

You will have developed better thinking and planning habits and are thus you will be more effective.

What you may worry about however, is whether you'll keep your good habits up after the program has been completed. That’s where the sustainability module comes in.

We teach you how to continually reach for performance improvements each day.

Learning outcomes include: 

  • Your Personal Productivity Toolkit;
  • 5 Steps to Creating Sustainable Habit Change;
  • Creating an early morning routine;
  • Reflective practice;
  • The Seinfeld Strategy;
  • How to develop grit;
  • How to script your set backs; and
  • How to learn from mistakes and failures.

Use this personalised coaching program to optimise your performance in the areas that matter most to you.

Through our program you will learn to develop efficient and effective habits and keep these in place through the use of technology, managing information and procrastination, and learning to communicate effectively.

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